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Three elements are combined to create The Franklin Method®: somatics, sports psychology and 21stcentury anatomy (that is anatomy in motion). The result is a body perspective which allows students to excel in training and performance, increase health and longevity, and to feel good inside their body. Rie Monique Cherie is a gifted presenter and a Level 3 Franklin Method Educator; the workshops she offers are listed below. 

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Franklin Method® Workshops with Rie

Imagery for Health, Vitality and Delight Everyday

This workshop will provide you with tools to perfect your craft/practice and also introduce you to effective imagery application. You will learn imagery exercises that improve coordination and balance as well as create effortless alignment and flexibility with in your movement. Learn about motivational imagery, goal setting and imagery to improve your confidence. Imagery is a key skill in sports, fitness and the performing arts without which high levels of excellence are not attainable. It is true that thinking patterns and languages are based upon the brains use of imagery. Learn to use imagery as a tool for your health, vitality and delight in every day.


Dynamic Alignment, Perfect your Posture

Oh No! Not the ‘P’ word (posture). Sorry if a stream of your mother’s voice is travelling through your head right now. It may help to know that if you come to this workshop you will find that some of what your mother drilled into you about your posture is dead wrong! However, correct is the importance of posture; not just as you are sitting or standing but as you are moving. This is why we prefer to refer to posture as Dynamic Alignment. It is from here that you either develop the poor movement patterns that lead to injury, or the functional movement patters that prolong your health. This 90 minute workshop is filled with fun partnering activities, eye opening imagery, and simple exercises that will encourage your dynamic alignment and instil an interest in you to perfect your posture.



Pelvic Power for Core Integration

When seeking to utilize or improve the body’s ability to move in a coordinated, efficient, or pleasurable manner it is inappropriate to avoid or even whisper about the role of the pelvis. Within this workshop students learn that a dynamic pelvis facilitates healthy and functional movement with in all aspects of their life. Experiential anatomy offers effortless alignment and balance while ridding the body of excess tension. Here you will learn exercises and imagery to train the pelvic joints and muscles. Proper use of the pelvis is essential to the longevity and health of the ‘mover’. Come and discover your pelvic power for core integration and for moving through all the moments of your life. 


Relax your Neck and Liberate your Shoulders

There are few tasks left in life which do not require the use of our hands, arms, shoulders and neck. Perhaps this is why over 1/2 of the adult population complains of neck or shoulder pain. This two hour workshop offers anatomical knowledge, imagery and functional movement exercises which will allow you to not only release tension but also perform life’s tasks with efficiency and avoid chronic stress. Students will leave with several self-help tools that they can use to relax the neck and liberate the shoulders from tension and pain. 


Nimble Knees 

Nimble and naturally healthy knees’ are one thing we all crave and something we all need. You will become a knee ‘know it all’ once you have experienced the bone rhythms of the knee. Proper use of the bone rhythms offers the body a safe and efficient way to exercise and simply move through your day. Learn how to prevent and recover from knee injury. Through experiential anatomy, imagery and simple exercises you will find greater balance, strength and coordination with in your movement. This workshop is filled with tools and experiences that are sure to please; offering you Healthy and Nimble Knee’s. (3 hour workshop)


Your Spine: Strong, Supple and Stress Free

Spry, supple, sensuous, stable and strong are what we wish for our spine but often it is stress that calls our attention to this unseen side of ourselves. Experience the power of embodiment, imagery and self-touch as this workshop leads you through simple exercises to release and rejuvenate. Find fluid movement and supple strength return as your stress vanishes during this 3 hour exploration of your spine.


Fabulous Happy Feet

The length of your foot is approximately 15% of your height. What an architectural feet! Find out how the foot functions as both a support and a propulsion device. Explore the bone rhythms of the foot. Learn self-touch and imagery exercises to increase the health, flexibility and vitality of your foot. Filled with fun foot facts this Franklin Method® work shop will find your feet feeling refreshed and frankly fabulous!


Bio Mechanics for Runner’s: Franklin Method®

Improve your experience and performance by understanding the bio mechanics of running in this three part series. Each 2 hour workshop will highlight specific parts of the body its anatomy, mechanics and application to running. This is a series of 3 workshops to improve gait, efficiency, and motivation for runner's.


Muscle Melt and Flow

  This workshop introduces you to the skeletal muscular system. Students embody the physiology of muscles and learn tools to efficiently strengthen, stretch and relax muscles. Students will learn fundamental muscle imagery which improves muscle function and coordination. The Franklin Method® tools of anatomical embodiment, dynamic imagery and functional movement exercises allow you to foster a musculature which can melt into relaxation and flow into strength.

Super Map to the Spinal Muscles

 If you know the direction you are heading, the landmarks, then you will find your destination. This holds true for how the back muscles move you. This class examines the erector spinae group, the true spine movers. Learn how to balance the tone of this muscle group through anatomical embodiment, dynamic imagery and simple exercise. Efficient movement of the erectors can ease your travels upon your super map of life!


Spread your wings and release your back!

Learn to use your “Trap’s” and your “Lat’s”

The Trapezius and Latissimus Dorci are the superficial muscles upon the back. People spend a lot of time training them and often more time trying to relax them. These muscles stabilize and reinforce the movement of the arms plus they have a special story and a secret. Create a balanced tone in these muscles through anatomical embodiment, dynamic imagery and simple exercise. Efficient use of these muscles will help you to spread your wings and release your back.


Psoas Pizzazz

The iliopsoas is a strong hip flexor. It is active in walking, running, leaping and kicking. Obviously this muscle pair comes into action whenever you need a ‘leg up’. Not so obvious is that misuse can lead to low back pain. Often trained in conjunction with the abdominal muscles the iliopsoas may in fact be the most misunderstood and poorly used muscle in the world of fitness. In this 3 hour workshop we will embody the iliopsoas through self-touch, imagery and simple exercises. You will learn several secrets this dynamic duo carries between them as well as ways to train and release the psoas giving yourself the opportunity for some high kicking psoas pizzazz!

Adductor Magnus Magnificence

Lending to its magnificence is the fact that the Adductor Magnus is the largest of the adductor group. Often misunderstood or outright ignored, the Adductor Magnus takes charge of your ability to walk. Connecting each step to the next; attention to the Adductor Magnus will give you a sense of your own depth and the magnificence of the human form. Come explore this muscle through embodiment, self-touch and imagery. Deepen your understanding and learn how this muscle can protect you from knee injury and shin splints. You will leave this walking with elegance and Adductor Magnus Magnificence. 


Simply Breathe

You hear it all the time, “Don’t forget to Breathe”, “Breath through your nose”, “Breathe in as you extend, breath out as you contract”, “Exhale on exertion”, “Hiss the Breath through your teeth”. Or maybe you are not a fitness fanatic, so perhaps you hear this, “It took my breath away”, “…hyperventilating…”, “Just breathe and count to ten”, “Freshen your breath with…”. In the Franklin Method® we are not aiming to teach you pranayama, lamaz, or any other type of specialized breathing practice. Simple basic healthy breathing; the anatomy involved, simple movement patterns that exercise and tone breathing mechanisms plus helpful imagery. So no matter where you are or what you are doing you will have the tools to simply breathe.


The Dance of the Heart and Lungs

The heart and lungs, neighbours’ in the upper torso and, as anyone knows from public CPR posters, tandem team mates in the contest of life. Through experiential anatomy, simple movement and imagery exercises you can rejuvenate, balance and tone the heart and lungs. During this hour workshop you will release excess tension of the neck, shoulders and upper back. Learn how the mobility of theses organs can support your movement as you exercise and within your daily tasks. Increase your vitality with the Dance of the Heart and Lungs.


Digest for Health and Happiness

You cannot watch an hour of adult TV without seeing at least one commercial highlighting a digestive aid; and, ‘Functional Foods’ are now scattered throughout our grocery stores. Obviously our stomachs ability to function is a collective concern! Digest for Health and Happiness focuses on the first stage of this process. Learn imagery tools and simple movement exercises which foster the health and function in the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum. Experience how your focus can influence your organs health and lead to its happiness. 

Enliven your Liver, your Magic Filter

Your liver is responsible for more than 5oo vital functions; and it is the only organ in the body that can regenerate itself. Perhaps this explains the magical attributes given to the liver. Balance and tone your liver with this Franklin Method Workshop. Learn the organ rhythms of the liver and release tension in the shoulder and back. With experiential anatomy, imagery and simple exercises you will learn how the liver can enliven your daily life.  

The Colon and Intestines: Integrate your Inner Core

2 Million Americans visit their doctor each year with gastrointestinal complaints, while many more seek over the counter remedies. Through experiential anatomy, simple movement exercises and imagery you can learn how to create health and maintain proper functioning for these organs. Combine organ rhythms and breathe to support large movement tasks and exercise routines. An added bonus: release excess tension in the low back and gain greater flexibility in the hip joints when you Integrate your Inner Core. 

Keepsakes for the Kidneys

Kidneys filter approximately 150 litres of blood a day (with the average adult having 6 litres of blood) they regulate blood pressure and balance the fluid levels of the body. Thesekeepsake exercises and imagery tools are designed to keep safe your kidneys. In this 3 hour workshop you will learn to foster their function, maintain organ tone and balance their placement within the body. Purify, energize your overall wellbeing with these Keepsakes for the Kidneys.


Take Back Control: 

Simple Exercises for Independence, Continence and Virility

This four hour workshop will give students an overview of how to build and maintain a healthy pelvic floor. The course will cover the use of exercises, imagery, postural applications and some anatomical education. Students will learn simple ball and imagery exercises to tone balance and condition the joints of the pelvis and the muscles of the pelvic floor. (It is necessary to be able to get down on to and up from the floor.) These exercises are easy to remember and can be done at home.  

Class Material is based on Eric Franklin’s book, Pelvic Power, medical knowledge, and a variety of fitness methods. This holistic approach to pelvic floor training is successful because it not only utilizes a fitness program but also is meant to be incorporated into one’s daily activities. Students will leave the workshop feeling knowledgeable and ready with tools and exercises to Take Back Control.