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Learn the 5 Elements Form Today!

5 Elements Form Tai Chi

Live workshops at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

The Five Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water are the basic elements of the material world.  The ancient Chinese philosophy Wu Xing (translated as the Five elements) examines the continual changing relationships and interactions of these elements. The five elements theory is also the basis for many ancient Chinese sciences and traditions including; astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, music, military strategies and martial arts.

 The 5 Elements form is filled with simple and gentle movements which can be mastered with in a short period of time. Tai Chi  can be a very effective form of health training; utilizing the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of our being. With in a Tai Chi class the student studies the physical movements as well as breath work and meditation. Benefits include improved circulation, balance and posture, an increase in strength, flexibility and reduced stress. Tai Chi is appropriate for any person regardless of their physical condition. Due to the minimal amount of steps and their repetition the Five Elements form can be learned quickly and incorporated into a daily practice.


Two levels of workshops are offered at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens: Tai Chi 5 Elements Form, and Tai Chi 5 Elements Form Level 2. Below is a description of the Level 2 workshop.

Join Master Teacher Rie for another wonderful Tai Chi workshop at Lewis Ginter. This workshop will include review and practice of the 5 Elements Form as well as investigations into one of the five elements. The element highlighted will correspond to the current season. While previous attendance in in a 5 Elements Form workshop is required, this Level 2 workshop will always offer something new and current to peak your interest. Repeating this workshop is recommended; and please be assured, a new experience is waiting for you. Within the Level 2 workshop you will learn how to further develop your practice and increase the healthy benefits of this movement form.

 If interested in hosting a session of classes or a workshop please contact Rie, for more information.



            I am grateful to have learned this form from my Tai Chi Master, Cas Overton. Her heritage comes through Master Al Huang.  I began to study under the guidance of Cas in 1990, and still continue today.