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Yoga is for everyone!

Offering a Hatha based class which is rich in felt sense experiences, embodiment practices, and functional movement. Classes are designed to improve movement function and are based on student needs. Students learn about their bodies and how to move safely off the mat and out into the world.

Offering a small weekly class in my home. This class is currently full, please contact to be placed on a waiting list.

Rie is proud to offer Continuing Education Credits for Yoga Instructors


Community Class, Namaste In Nature.
Class with Yaco Murphy, Rie, and Julian Desta
This is an outdoor class offered during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Class often includes guest teachers and musicians. Donnations go to Bryan Park Educational out reach programs. Find more information on Facebook, Namaste Innature Yaco-Rie.
Below is a link to the Namaste Innature Facebook page:


Yoga is a practice of Healthy Living for people of all ages

This is a picture of my Father in 2009, At this point he had lost most of his hearing and the vision in one eye. He was a pioneer in the feild of rehabilitative medicine and knew the benefits of keeping moblie. Here he is practicing a seated sun saluatation. Dr. Herman Jacob Flax, you are missed by me and many other people. We think of you often.