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A Self-Health workshop is like a ‘do-it-yourself’ guide on how to care for specific areas of the body. Each workshop focuses on a target area, offering information, exercises and tools to reduce pain, relieve stress and promote health. Becoming body wise is a first step towards fostering your good health and navigating through our increasingly complex healthcare system. Self-Health workshops focus on daily movement patterns, helping to improve what you do the most. Information is also applicable to exercise routines allowing you to make better choices for your individual body and its needs, while avoiding injury. These workshops are appropriate for all levels of physicality. 

Each workshop offers:

  • Tools to reduce tension, alleviate pain and promote relaxation through relaxation techniques which include both mental and mild physical exercises 
  • Increased  awareness of movement patterns and improve the function of the target area
  • Self-massage and other care techniques for the target area
  • Simple exercises to increase a balanced muscle tone; addressing strength,  mobility and flexibility,  and improve function
  • Body mechanics will help you to understand how the target area works and allow you to make healthy choices in your daily movements and exercise routines


Self-Health for the neck and shoulders

Self-Health for the spine

Self-Health for the low back

Self-Health for pelvic floor conditioning

Self-Health for the knees

Self-Health for the feet

Self-Health for better breathing

Self-Health to boost your immune system

To schedule a Self-Health workshop at your facility contact
Rie at: or 804-382-5306