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You will not find the usual advice, kinky tips, or sensual suggestions in this program.

Based on anatomy, kinesiology, and both ancient and modern mind/body techniques; This method will augment the function and performance of the pelvic floor, increase and enhance personal awareness, foster rejuvenation after surgery or childbirth, and cultivate sexual vitality.

Individualized programs are designed for general conditioning or specific concerns.

·         Initial one hour consultation - $50

·         Series of 8 one hour sessions - $560

·         Single one hour session -$70 see below*
*(a minimum of 4 single sessions required for $280)

Travel Fee's and space rental fee's may apply. 

Skype session are available; Above fee's apply to Skype sessions.

There is an additional fee of $8 per session when paying through PayPal. Credit card payments are only accepted through PayPal.
Payments in cash or check must be made prior to services.

To schedule your initial consultation, please contact
Rie Monique Cherie.