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Therapy on Demand:

20 minutes       $25
50 minutes       $50

In person sessions in Richmond, Virginia

1.5 Hours       $80  
1 Hour         $60
Free consultation (phone call)

I have offered one-on-one Yoga Therapy sessions since 2012. The type of Yoga Therapy I offer is a body based therapy. I specialize in alleviating chronic pain and tension. I assist with injury and surgical recovery, and help clients to create functional movement patterns and improve their posture. I am adept with a variety of relaxation techniques that can remedy anxiety and stress. Lastly, I specialize in functional movement training for the pelvic and shoulder girdles. My overall goal as a Yoga Therapist is to help my clients become healthy, functionally mobile, and pain free so that they may experience a life of wellness. 

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Richmond, Virginia 
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·       alleviate chronic pain and tens

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