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Learn The 5 Elements Form
Tai Chi Instructional Videos. This short beautiful form is perfect for those of us whose physicality varies day by day, because there is both a seated version and a standing version of the form. This is perfect for those who face the challenges of; Autoimmune Inflamitory Diseases like MS and Lupus, as well as Parkinson's; People who have mobility issues due to trauma, illness or age; and anyone who wishes to improve their balance, strength and mobility. Learn the 5 Elements Form, and have a short 5 minute practice that you can take anywhere to use for your good health! 

Simply Practice The 5 Elements.
This is a collection of 6 practices for rent or purchase. Perfect for the student who has taken the 5 Elements Form Workshop, or has learned the form through, Learn The 5 Elements Form Video. Choose one or the entire set, to fulfill your needs. Each video has the narration accompaniment so you can easily follow along. 

Tai Chi Class and Practice #1
The 5 Elements Form 

This video series contains 6 classes, 3 for the seated version and 3 for the standing version of the 5 Elelemnts form of Tai Chi. Perfect for those of us who have physical needs which vary day by day. If you wish to expand your practice or deepen your understanding of this short beautiful form this this is the series for you! 

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Coming Fall 2018

Get a Better Massage! 

Mindfulness Tools for the Massage Client. Increase your Relaxation, Improve your Health and Get the Best Massage Ever!

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Coming 2019

Therapeutic Exercise for Mobility and Vitality:
The Pelvic Girdle

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